5:30pm Service

Date 5:30pm
Topic Service Leader Greeter Prayers Bible Readings Reader Supper Music Set up & Pack up Washup/clean up Notes
26 May 19 The Lamb of God Matthew Elkan Isobel Elkan
Summer Edwards
John Reid Ex 12:31-42, Matt 26:17-30 Isobel Elkan
Mia Wentzel
Emma Howden Youth Band Rob Stokes
Ted Stokes
Rod Bennett
Emma Howden
2 Jun 19 A way out John Reid Finn Elkan
Daina Cunningham
Daina Cunningham Ex 14:1-31, Heb 10:1-18 Daina Cunningham
Louisa Stokes
Anna Pearson Simon Dunn Emma Howden
Caitlin Howden
Noah Howden
Liam Bennett
Sally Johnston